A large number of VIPs and celebrities are concerned about violent attacks or kidnapping and hence they are demanding armored cars which are luxurious as well. The companies which are experts in developing armoring vehicles claim that the luxury segment comprises a major portion of their overall sales and they also design custom bulletproof vehicles. The companies have also remarked that the market is growing at a pace of 10% per year.

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Demand for Bulletproof Vehicles

Around 25,000 new armored vehicles are produced with the turn of every year and a large number of vehicles are shipped to the dangerous areas of Africa and Middle East. The executives working at the auto armoring firms have mentioned that the increasing demands have started in the last five years when the leading companies were looking for safe options to protect their executives.

An armored car can be totally functional and uncomfortable. At present, many clients are requesting for features like massage chairs, premium paint jobs, suede upholstery, night vision cameras, and interior flat screens. The traditional purpose of the bullet proof vehicles is to protect the passengers from blasts and bullets. The custom bulletproof vehicles are designed as per the requirements of the customer.

On many occasions the clients make specific demands like the type of stitching, leather, communication systems, electronics, specific brand of espresso machines or layout and the vehicle is prepared as per the requests. Earlier, the superstars and the VIPs requested for the luxurious armored vehicles but at present even the embassies and the governments are requesting the armored vehicles.

Benefits of Bulletproof Vehicles

The luxurious, custom bulletproof vehicles are designed in such a manner that they ensure the complete safety of the passengers and also give extra attention to the roads. Most armored vehicles are designed in such a manner that it has a low profile appearance and the exteriors are designed to blend in.

By using the custom bulletproof vehicles, one can travel in utmost safety. The bulletproof vehicles make sure that you are protected whenever you are travelling. Even if you are travelling with family and friends, you can vouch for their safety. The celebrities and businessmen need a lot of protection and safety while they are on the move.

The bulletproof vehicles are designed very discreetly and hence it is almost impossible to identify it from a regular vehicle. The vehicle is surrounded with bulletproof glad and it also contains armored plates to ensure that you remain secure. Since the bulletproof vehicles are built by using the highest-quality materials, you can enjoy the latest technologies.

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Features of Bulletproof Vehicles  

The fuel tank of the car is enclosed in a foam chamber in order to ensure complete protection. In case the fuel tank is damaged, the foam plating prevents it from rupturing and causing any kind of damage. The trunk contains extra weapons and additional oxygen supply. The door of the vehicle is heavy and it is impossible to open it from the inside. Custom bulletproof vehicles provide protection and comfort to the passengers.