Limousines are luxury vehicle which is specifically made for excesses. However, some of the limos developed by custom limo builders are beyond the normal standards of lavish and have some ridiculous features, technologies, and amenities.  These specially designed limos are usually the priciest. In fact, some limos have features like mini pools, hot-tubs, and gadgets that you might not be aware of.  Take a look at the world’s most over the top limousines.

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The Million Euro Mini

The princess of Kazakhstan Regina Abdurazakova, owns the most expensive mini cooper. This is a limousine that is not mini-sized has a pink body which i covered in Swarovski crystals.  Moreover, each wheel of the car has a crystal in the center which is more 3 inches in diameter.  The window of the limousine contains around 50 grams of pure gold.  Inside, the custom limo builders have installed 20 parking cameras, 70 TFT screens, and 30 parking sensors along with a 47inch TV.

The American Dream

This limousine is custom built and is owned by the popular car designer and collector Jay Ohrberg. For several years, this car has taken the distinction of being the longest car on the planet.  It is around 100 feet long and has 26 wheels.  This car can be taken as a mobile luxury condo.  You will be surprised to know that it has a Jacuzzi and a sun deck. Apart from this, it has a swimming pool, one kind sized bed, and also a helicopter landing pad.

Armor Horse Vault XXL

If you want to party with top class security features, you need to check out this limousine built by the custom limo builders. The G-40 grade steel will offer the limousine the beef that it is going to require to stop heavy firepower. Moreover, it is glass bullet resistant.  Inside the car, there is wood paneled interior along with six LCD screen.  Also, there is a retractable pole to dance and high tech surround sound system.  The best part is that it also has a wet bar.

Maybach Landaulet

The style of this car is based on the limousine model which limousine had brought out in the year 1920.  This exudes elegance and sophistication.  Custom limo builders have stated that even though it is not a stretch limo, it costs over $1 million. This is because it has gold flecked granite inlays. The interior of the car is covered with extremely soft leather. Also, there is a retractable roof which allows the passengers to soak up the sun.

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Cadillac One

This car had been developed for President Barack Obama in the year 2009. This is a part of the presidential fleet which will include the fortified Cadillac limos. Since the interior plans of the car are classified, not much is known regarding the lavish features of the car.  Some things which are known are that it has oxygen masks, plenty of guns, and tear gas. It also has some luxuries which will President the crew comfortable enough. Rumor has stated that the car also has a grenade launcher or two.  However, this has never been verified.

The limousines have been built by custom limo builders taking into consideration the demands of the customers.