Niagara Falls might already be on your bucket list.  However, if it is not then it needs to be.  Gorgeous natural beauty meets with your desire to travel. If you still think it is not a good idea to visit Niagara Falls then you need to take a look at the following reasons.

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The Falls


Niagara Falls trip from Toronto to the falls is one of the primary reasons to visit this place. Niagara Falls consists of three types of waterfalls the Horshoe Falls, the American Falls, and the Bridal Veil Falls.  Three of these combine to offer the largest water flow among any waterfalls in the world.  This amazing display of nature is known to pull 30 million tourists each and every year. It is a great sight that everyone needs to experience at once in their life. With the growth of the tourism industry, there are more reasons than ever to visit this place.

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The Food

Niagara is not a place that is short of unique foods and restaurants.  If you want you can dine atop Skylon Tower. Here, you will be able to enjoy and excellent meal while getting the amazing view of the falls.  In case you want to be a bit closer to the action, you can check out the Fallsview Buffet Restaurant.  With such scenic views, you will practically be able to feel the mist on your face when you dine.

The Entertainment

When you avail Niagara Falls trip from Toronto, you will have endless entertainment opportunities. You can check out various shows or for an hour or two dining experience that features Canadian music all throughout the year.  Do not miss out on the Corning Factory and Museum. Here, you will be able to participate in the make your own glass class.  In case you still have some time in hand, you have to check out the Marine Land. In this place, kids and adults can get up close with the sea animals of all kinds.  Make sure that you catch the dazzling light show near the falls for a perfect finish to your day.

The History

The history of Niagara is something that will intrigue many people.  Thus, you need to take out some time to explore Old Fort Niagara with Niagara Falls trip from Toronto along with the underground gunpowder rooms, ancient cannons, and army barracks.  Do not forget to visit oldest property on ground and get the authentic taste of Georgian Lifestyle. Niagara Falls will surely take you back to time.

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The Adventure

There is a quote which states that life at the end of the comfort zone. Niagara Falls trip from Toronto will expose you to many activities which will force outside of your comfort zone.  Among these, the most popular one is the Maid of Mist. It is a boat tour which starts on Niagara and ends on the dense mist of the American Falls. You might expect to be completely drenched by the end of the tour.  In case you are planning on zip lining over Niagara, it will surely make your heart pump.  If you have the guts, it is a great way to take in the beauty of the landscape from a different angle.

Nightlife and adventure at Niagara might be pretty fun. However, at times, you simply have to sit back and enjoy with your Niagara Falls trip from Toronto. Read the latest news on the increasing tourism to Niagara Falls here!